1. PELT PELT, Installation of feathers, 6 metres long and 1.8 metres high oval shape Photo Eva Fernandez
2. Pelt PELT installed at PS Art Space, Fremantle
Detail PELT
3. Detail PELT Detail feathers in PELT
Exquisite corpse
5. Exquisite corpse The large-scale exquisite corpse was made by Toni Wilkinson (head), Lucille Martin (breast), Jo Darbyshire (womb) and Kelsey Ashe (feet). The artists did not know what the others had made until it was put together on Opening night 16.10.2020
Toni and kelsey
6. Toni and kelsey Toni Wilkinson and Kelsey Ashe stand beside the exquisite corpse, 16.10.2020
Nigel and Jo Darbyshire
7. Nigel and Jo Darbyshire Thanks to my brother Nigel Darbyshire who designed and made the 6 piece wooden panel which holds the Pelt artwork.
Black swan ensemble
8. Black swan ensemble First nation actors and writers Jessie Ward, Barbara Hostalek and Brieanna Collard performing a spoken work '3 Sisters of Air, Fire, Water' at the opening event 16.10.2020
Sponge hat
9. Sponge hat Sponge hat worn in honour of Leonor Fini 16.10.2020

Imaginary Territories-  Feminist Surrealism in the Antipodes

PELT 2020
This large oval ‘pelt’ has been created using thousands of ‘found’ feathers that were collected by 100 people, over a years wanderings. It is my response to being asked to imagine ‘overcoming the earthbound borders, barriers and displacements we find ourselves in, in this modern era’.

Pelt comes from the old french word pellette, meaning the skin of a beast with its covering. I am paying homage to Surrealist artist Leonor Fini who often appeared in a metal breastplate and feathered headdress and who said “I like to feel myself in a state of metamorphosis like certain animals and plants”.

Birds are the only animals to have feathers however they share similarities with human hair, as they are constructed from keratin (also the main component of nails, horns and claws). Birds replace their feathers regularly by moulting; shedding their worn or damaged feathers in a staggered fashion to make way for new plumage.

In a time when travel is out of reach perhaps we must use our imagination to fly, and our eyes to notice the infinite in the minutie of the natural world.

Thank you to my brother Nigel Darbyshire for building the base, Jessie Darbyshire for initial involvement and all those that have contributed feathers to this project: Andre Lipscombe Josephine, Imani & Nat Darbyshire, Lana Kalis, Solei & Marley Burke, Julia Molnar, Alison Richards, Dave Rocke, Helen, Mary, Jan Idle & Tom Carment, Eva & Lola Fernandez, Alexandra Torcal, Kaylene Poon, Heather Tomson, Sandra West, Emma Mroz, Gina & Neil Capes, Barbara, Andy, Darcie, & Elliot Darbyshire, Antigone & Nikki Koutsonika, Helen & Andy Nyman, Jessica Douglas Henry, Michelle Elliot, Ben Crappsley,  Alan Shortt, Nicola & Linda Martin, Shingai Ruzengwe, Sophie Treffry, Laura Kolagow, Rafaella & Tamar Basini, Holly Story, Kirsty Sadler, Robyn Leoni Abbott, Koral Ward, Earle Wendt, Shannon Lovelady, Reece Harley, Barbara Delahunty, Michelle Zimmel, Suzi Wild, Imogen Van Sebille, Anne Brennan, Dianne & Gillian Warden, Sheridan Coleman, Stephanie Reisch, Leith Maddock, Jacquie Reid, Ingrid Zeigler, Allanah Chandler, Giselle Laramie-Tupp, Gina Pickering, Yvonne Doherty, Belinda Cobby, Narelle Higson, Olivia Colja, Kate Kelly, Roslyn Russell, Melody Rowe & Kristie Coakley, Cathy Serventy, Caroline & Tony Pankiw, Carmen Canas, Gloria Cook, Morgan Higgins, Phil Thomson, Helen Mathie, Neil Worthington, Nolwen Le Gall, Michelle Slarke, Susan Flavell, Lionel Bawden, Karen Tacon, Mark Gerus, Roly Idderson, Lyn Nixon, Anna Louise Richardson, Megan Christie & Abdul Raman Abdullah, Hannah Grace Harper, Kate Gregory & Seb, Julie Hylands, Mala Sujan, Kate Woodley, Eddie Resera, Joanne Linsdell, Jane Costelloe, Gaye, Arlo Stone, Liz Wood, Kati Martin, Monica Main, Lauren Wilhelm & Jalina, Liz Dare, Leah Knapp, Kathy Allam, Juliet Cobb, Rox De Luca, Nandi Chinna, Denise, Michael & Adrian, Louise, Damon & Pippa Hurst, Vi Saffer.