Leith Maddock
1. Leith Maddock Leith Maddock with her story, womens's toilets 2019
Situation Room
2. Situation Room Fremantle Rifle Volunteers Band 1886-“The drill nights are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and even on an ordinary night there are always about 40 men present learning their drill". Photo courtesy Fremantle History Centre E000896
3. Shuttlecock The first game of Badminton in Australia was played here on New Year’s Eve 1900. The white lines marking out courts can still be seen on the floor. Shuttlecock found by archaeologists 2017
Convict Garden artwork
4. Convict Garden artwork Convict Garden Period (1851 to 1895)
 Evidence of 19th century daily life was preserved under the floor including clay pipes, ceramics, nails, bottles and fragile items such as fragments of leather shoes, hemp rope and wooden garden stakes.
Convict Garden in situ
5. Convict Garden in situ Digital Print of Convict Garden in situ at Freo.Social Brewery room
Green room in situ
6. Green room in situ Fly by Night Musicians Club 1986-2014 Photographs by Chris O'Halloran, Mike Wylie and Christine Gosfield
Original 1890s rifles
7. Original 1890s rifles Left: A Martini-Metford Mk I .303 Rifle issued to all branches of the WA Volunteers in 1895. Right: A Magazine Lee-Speed .303 Rifle, issued by the WA Colonial Government to all branches of the volunteers
Rifles in situ
8. Rifles in situ Digital print of Rifle's, Mens toilet, Freo Social
Zig zag in situ
9. Zig zag in situ The Fly By Night Musicians Club (1986-2014) was the first venue in Australia to become smoke free in 1996. Many cigarette packets dating to the 1940s and other smoking ephemera were found underfloor by archaeologists in 2017
Good time Girls, womens toilet
10. Good time Girls, womens toilet Good time Girls- Fragments found underfloor, suggesting dances, concerts and social events. “My waters broke after dancing all night at the Fly By Night Club. The bands were Jacquie Reid and the Jacquettes, Cathy Hole and Cathy Travers-22 April

Drill Hall Fremantle- Interpretation panels 2019

In 2019 I designed a series of interpretation artworks for the National Trust of WA, owners of the Fremantle Drill Hall.Completed in 1896, this building was the first Artillery Drill Hall built in Western Australia and used for the practice of military drill movements and gun practice until 1952

These large scale digital prints described aspects of the history of the place from the convict period 1850s, to the building of the Drill Hall and its use by the Fremantle Volunteer troops in the 1890s to the transition to the building as the legendary Fly By Night Club (1986- 2014).

I worked with ace photographer Eva Fernandez to photograph archeological material found underfloor by archeologist Sean Winter (Winterbourne) in 2017 and original Rifles, revolvers and military headgear that was true to period (John Burridge Military Antiques).