1. Hope Hope 29.10.2019, photo Jo Darbyshire
Jo Darbyshire
2. Jo Darbyshire Jo Darbyshire, Port Authority building 9.11.2017, photo Bob Sommerville
3. Ace Ace 5.11.2017, photo Suzi Wild
4. Viking Viking 28.10.2017, photo Rebecca Sheardown
5. Chrystal Crystal, 9.11.2017, photo Rose Staff

Ships That Pass in the Night, High Tide 17

Ships that Pass in the Night,
A Video Projection on the Fremantle Port Authority Building, 28 Oct - 12 Nov 2017

High Tide, the inaugural Fremantle Biennale was situated in sites around the west end of Fremantle. It featured invited local and international artists who responded to Fremantle’s diverse landscape.

Over the course of a year I recorded the names of ships in Fremantle Harbour on my train ride to Perth. These shipsnames were projected onto the southern facade of the Port Authority Building and moved slowly across, reflecting the passage of the ships and the poetic nature of the names painted on the container ships that use the harbour every day.

Digitisation and Projection by Nick Azidis and Rose Staff, Projection Teknik, Melbourne
Thank you to Fremantle Ports, Fremantle Council, Dept Culture and the Arts WA for sponsorship and Tom Muller, PSAS.

See link to short Video made by Rose Staff:
Ships in the night