1. detail- Rural Utopia/ Radical Disappearance exhibition 2022
2. Horizon and salt lake, lake grace, 2022 oil on canvas 150 x 150
3. Front window Lake Grace Regional Art space June 2022 installing
4. Looking south, lake grace salt lake, 2022 oil on canvas, 25 h x 50 cm w
5. Photographs of artefacts from Lake Grace in the WA Museum collections 2022
6. Photos of Grant Riley 2022, Tindale Map and Storylines pavement interpretation panel (by Michelle Slarke) detail- Rural Utopia/ Radical Disappearance exhibition 2022
7. Portrait of my mother in the Mallees's, Lake Grace 1958, oil on canvas, photo by Suzi Wild
8. Pat Dare, water skiing- Wagin 1962 photo Sally Dare
9. 'Disappearance', drone photo by Greg Argent 2022, Photo of Pat Dare c 1958, painting Pink Lake by Jo Darbyshire detail- Rural Utopia/ Radical Disappearance exhibition 2022
10. 'Appearance', Dingo Rock photos, and drone photo of lake by Greg Argent 2022 detail- Rural Utopia/ Radical Disappearance exhibition 2022
11. Jo at rifle range dam Nov 2021
12. Jo Darbyshire leading a Lake Grace regional art space workshop 9 Oct 2021 photo Tania Spencer
13. Childrens workshop, lake grace artspace nov 2021
14. Jo and brother Andy on dads truck 1967

Spaced 4- Lake Grace Artist Residency 2021/ 2022

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This project was commissioned by International Art Space as a part of the spaced 4: rural utopias program


Spaced 4: rural utopias is a program centred on an artists’ exchange between international and Australian visual artists with regional and remote West Australian communities. The program will span three years (2019-21) and constitute the core of the fourth iteration of spaced, a recurring international program of context-responsive art, presented by International Art Space (IAS)  https://www.facebook.com/spacedias/

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