the two nurses
1. the two nurses de luca and darbyshire 1999
collaboration 1
2. collaboration 1 both 50 x 50cm 1999
collaboration 2
3. collaboration 2 both 50 x 50cm 1999
underpants/  spider orchid
4. underpants/ spider orchid both 50 x 50cm 1999
Jo and Rox, Fremantle Arts Centre opening
5. Jo and Rox, Fremantle Arts Centre opening 1999
50 reasons installation
6. 50 reasons installation fremantle arts centre 1999
50 reasons installation
7. 50 reasons installation fremantle arts centre 1999

50 Reasons - 1999

I have collaborated with Sydney/Madrid based artist and friend
Rox De Luca several times since 1997.

In these three collaborations Rox an I were able to explore
notions of Australian identity, location and culture. We each
drew on memory, history and family connections.
Rox embossed and painted aluminium panels and I painted
oil on canvas or on found surfaces. Our joint beginning was
the size of the works ( i.e. all 50 x 50 cms) and we discussed,
over the period of making the works, our points of difference
and similarity. In all instances we brought the work together,
from across the continent, at the installation period and this
process, usually undertaken over several days, was very important
to the project. We first collaborated on a joint exhibition 25 Reasons,
at aGOG, a girls own gallery in Canberra, ACT in 1997. In 1999
we collaborated again on similar exhibition 50 Reasons at the
Fremantle Arts Centre.

We also created a Public Art work together in 2000 at the
Cannington Senior College, Western Australia, where we made a
17 metre long curving wall which defined the school cafeteria.
We created 96 panels, each 50 x 50 cms to cover this wall; using
embossed aluminium sheets and traditional oil painted panels to
make up the large scale mural. The work explored and celebrated
local identity, natural history and youth in the Cannington area.