1. Wildflowers 1995
1. 1. Wildflowers 1995 oil on found tarp, 1995, 2.5 x 2m

Wildflowers - 1995

1. Wildflowers was especially painted for the 1995 exhibition 'bu-ran-gur ang (Court Out): Women and the Law', curated by Annette Pederson and Katherine Trees, and held at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, University of Western Australia, for the Womens Centenary Exhibition.
It is currently held in the collection of Murdoch University.
It is also reproduced, alongside other images from my work at this time in Lesbian Art: An Encounter with Power, Craftsman House, 1996 by E. Ashburn (Editor)
If you'd like you can download an article discussing why and how I painted 'wildflowers':
'Wildflowers' by Stephanie Green (download pdf) in UK Magazine 'Transformations', No 5, Dec 2002.