Stirling's Well on Garden Island 2014
1. Stirling's Well on Garden Island 2014 Stirling’s Well on Garden Island, 180 cm W x 150 cm H, oil on canvas, $8,800 (inc GST), on lease to the Treasury Buildings, Perth CBD
Garden Island 2014
2. Garden Island 2014 Garden Island, named by Stirling in 1829, with Melaleuca lanceolata or Moonah, Rottnest Island tea-tree, 50 x 30 cm, oil on board, $660 (inc GST), SOLD
Sulpher Town 2014
3. Sulpher Town 2014 Sulphur Town, 1829 –named for the HMS Sulphur, the first ship containing the troops that accompanied Stirling, with Acacia rostellifera or Summer-Scented Wattle, 60 x 30 cm, $660 inc GST
L'ile Bauche 2014
4. L'ile Bauche 2014 L’Ile Bauche,1801- Baudin named the island after Jean Nicolas Buache, a marine cartographer in Paris, with Sea Grass (abundant in Cockburn Sound), 50 x 30 cm, oil on board, SOLD
Meandip Yondock (noongar) 2014
5. Meandip Yondock (noongar) 2014 Meandip Yondock (Noongar), with Melaleuca huegelii or Chenille Honey-Myrtle, 60 x 30 cm, oil on board, $660 inc GST, SOLD
6. items Display case containing items found at Clarence, a settlement of the same time on the mainland, including black bottles used for carrying alcohol, then carrying water and finally used as target practice with shot
7. exhibition Display case and painting in Horizon exhibition

Horizon: exploring the West Coast with the Clipperton Project 2015